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Помогите моей дочери учиться в Академии Большого Балета

Помогите моей дочери учиться в Академии Большого Балета

Балет  (помогите пожалуйста моей талантливой дочери учиться в Академии Большого Балета). Нам очень срочно нужна ваша финансовая подержка. Большое  вам спасибо!

Dear  Friends, My daughter Ashley is a very talented ballerina. Ashley is very known in our community and the local media playing during all ballet performances held by Monterey County Dance Theater in California, directed by the Artistic Director: Mrs Janette Lorraine Harkness BA.

Ashley has been invited to train at two most prestigious ballet programs in the world, Bolshoi Ballet and American Ballet Theater this summer.

Ashley has been awarded the privilege to study at Bolshoi Ballet Academy. This training is very expensive and we cannot make it on our own, and we need your financial support to make her dreams come true of future talented Prima Ballerina of classic ballet. This why, we are looking for financially blessed people of big heart and good will to support our extremely talented young ballerina and we struggle economically to make her dream come true. Your blessed contribution can make the difference in the life of very talented girl who dreams to become Prima Ballerina. She can use your help making the impossible to be possible. Please help Ashley to pay her ballet studies at Bolshoi Ballet Academy. Thank you very much and God bless all you!

If you want to support Ashley, please follow this link

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